Fabrizio Fiorenzano

Florence is, of course, considered the capital of the arts. My artistic experience spent in this wonderful city gave me the opportunity to meet hundreds of international artists coming from many countries of the world. From Korea to United States, from Russia to Brazil, from Australia to Mexico…

In occasion of this event, I have received the gold medal “Lorence the Magnificent” for the digital art; awarded to me by David S. Rubin, Curator of Visual Arts, Contemporary Arts Center, (New Orleans).

Lorenzo il Magnifico
Lorenzo il Magnifico
With James Langston

Many art forms such as sculpture, photography, digital art, painting, pop art have given to the visitors a complete vision of the talents invited to take part to this special and collective exhibition.

The jury was formed by qualified members such as Barbara Rose, Veronica Birke, Teresa Coca, David S. Rubin, Stefano Falcolini, John T. Spike (director) and Matty Roca.

Scientific Committee

Rodrigo Alonso (Spain); Bruce Alistar Barber (Canada); Monica Bohm Duchen (England); Anthony Bond (Australia); Vito Campanella (Argentina); Argelia Castillo (Mexico); Fernando Nelson Castillo Baquero (Colombia); Vlasta Noshiro Cihakova (Czech Republic); Ricardo de Miguel Cristobal (Spain); Carol Damian (United States); Diana De Chapa Castillo (Mexico); Patricia Dominguez Flores (Mexico); Leonel Jaramillo Estrada (Colombia); Thomas Galdy (United States); Blanca Garcia Vega (Spain); Miguel Gonzalez (Colombia); Klaus Groh (Germany); Harry Jeschofnig (Austria); Andreas M.A. Krock (Germany); Luciano Lepri (Italy); Wladimir Malevovic (Croatia); Jay Moh (Korea); Stanley Moss (United States); Minina Fernandez Navarro (Argentina);

William Liam Nelson (United States); Angel Orensanz (United States); Angelo Pantaleoni (Mexico); George Preston Nelson (United States); Carmen Roxanne Robbin (United States); Luis Miguel Rodriguez (Venezuela); Francesca Romana Rossi (Italy); Barbara Rose (United States); Dario Ruiz (Colombia); David S. Rubin (United States); Adriana Salazar (Colombia); John T. Spike (United States); Elida Salazar (Colombia); Raymond Steiner (United States); Martha Villafuerte (Mexico); David Stone (United States); Jay Lee Young (Korea); Jana Wisniewsky (Austria).

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