Fabrizio Fiorenzano
Fabrizio Fiorenzano


Bevagna is an Italian town of 5000 inhabitants in the province of Perugia, once known for the precious canvases that were produced there, so much so that it was called “bevagne”. It is included among the most beautiful villages in Italy and among the orange flags.
The first historical information on Bevagna coincides with the Roman conquest of Umbria with the famous Battle of the Sentino in 295 BC. Bevagna, in fact, was known as the Umbrian itinerary center and for its pastoralism and cattle breeding.

The city is surrounded by a fertile plain rich in water and cultivated with wheat, vines and olive trees. For its remarkable environmental, cultural and artistic heritage it is part of the club of “The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy”.

A veritable open-air museum, natural film set, famous for the genuineness of its products, for its cultural events, Bevagna is known beyond national borders for being the city of the Gaite, one of the most beautiful historical reenactments in Italy.

It became a Roman municipality in 90 BC. with the name of Mevania, it was ascribed to the Aemilia tribe, in the VI Regio. It became an important agricultural and strategic center, thanks to its favorable position at the center of the great road system set up by the Romans with the Via Flaminia


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