Former capital Fabrizio Fiorenzano
Fabrizio Fiorenzano

Former capital of Spain before Madrid, Toledo is of course one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Toledo is an ancient city located on a hill overlooking the plains of central Spain. Capital of the autonomous community Castile-La Mancha.

It is famous for its medieval Arab, Jewish and Christian monuments that are located in the historic center, surrounded by walls.

Toledo, the city of the three cultures that rises in a scenic position perched on a gorge of the Tagus river. –
Easily accessible from Madrid by car or public transport, Toledo is the ideal destination for an unforgettable day trip from the capital to the former capital.


Toledo Medieval walls
Toledo old walls

In fact, one day is enough to see the most important monuments, also because getting there is very fast, easy and cheap. But this does not mean that if you want to get to know it better, you must have at least two or three days to visit Toledo in depth, because it has so much to offer.

Toledo Spain

Toledo is an open-air museum, there are many historical and cultural attractions to visit. Here are the most interesting. The fortress of Toledo The impressive building that dominates the city of Toledo from above is the Alcázar, a fortress that is at times suggestive and at times disturbing. –

The defense of the Alcazar of Toledo The fortress of Toledo was the scene of an episode that remained in the history of the bloody Spanish civil war. The protagonist of a stoic defense of the Alcazar for 70 days was the nationalist commander José Moscardó Ituarte, who refused to surrender himself to the Republican soldiers even under the threat of the murder of his son.

Toledo is called “The city of the three cultures” because over the centuries, three different cultural influences have converged here that have contributed to making the city a historically unique place: Christian, Muslim and Jewish.

Toledo Santiago el Mayor del Arrabal
Santiago el Mayor del Arrabal

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