Fabrizio Fiorenzano
Fabrizio Fiorenzano

Napoli Grotta di Seiano. A 770 meter long cave with 120 arches, to cut the Posillipo hill in two: an adventure for all children. the Grotta di Seiano in Naples is part of the Pausilypon Archaeological Park: it is an artificial gallery built in Roman times, in the first century AD, excavated in the tuff and designed by the architect Lucio Coccei and then renovated in the Bourbon period. It crosses the Posillipo hill and connects Bagnoli and Campi Flegrei with the Vallone della Gaiola, passing through the spectacular Trentaremi Bay.

The Seiano Gallery is not a very visited monument in Naples, perhaps because it is located a little out of the way, along the Coroglio descent, but organizing life is easy and you take a real journey back in time, up to the time, because you emerged from the gallery visit the imperial villa of Pausilypon, built by Publio Vedio Pollione, of the rich family of the Vedi of Benevento, and son of a freedman, one of the richest men of the late republic.

Napoli Grotte di Seiano

The gallery was built by Marco Vipsano Agrippa to connect the villa of Publio Vedio Pollione, located in the Archaeological Park of Pausilypon, the area where the cave arrives, and the other patrician villas of Pausilypon to the ports of Puteoli and Cumae. But its name derives from that prefect of Emperor Tiberius, Lucio Elio Seiano, who enlarged the gallery in the first century. AD, fifty years after its construction.

The tunnel of the Grotta di Seiano was found by chance in 1841 during the construction of a new road and became accessible again thanks to Ferdinand II of Bourbon.

Napoli Grotte di Seiano

During the Second World War the Seiano Cave was used as an air-raid shelter by the inhabitants of Bagnoli. After the war and due to some landslides that occurred in the fifties, the cave was completely abandoned. Only in 2009 was it reopened and made usable again and today it is the access road to the Pausilypon Archaeological Park.

Words by: Napoliviaggiapiccoli



Photos by Fabrizio Fiorenzano

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