Fabrizio Fiorenzano
Fabrizio Fiorenzano

Parque del Retiro is a place of great interest for those who go to the Spanish capital and is a meeting point for many people who wish to spend a few hours of tranquility taking long walks or lying in the grass under the warm Spanish sun.

It is a suitable place for everyone, children, families, students and the avenues are full of street artists singing or performing.
But it’s not just a park, it’s a place full of other things to see:

The Crystal Palace (Palacio de Cristal)
Originally designed as a giant greenhouse to house tropical plants. It’s a wonderful structure of metal and crystal which was built in 1887 by Ricardo Velazquez Bosco and renovated in 1975. Today the building is used to host contemporary art exhibitions.

The Velázquez Palace (Palacio de Velázquez)

This palace was built between 1881 and 1883 and was designed by the architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco from whom it takes its name.

Velázquez was inspired by the Crystal Palace in London. It is built with bricks of two different shades and has a roof made up of iron arches and windows that allow natural lighting.

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