Fabrizio Fiorenzano
Fabrizio Fiorenzano


One of the most beautiful and even the most intense experiences I have had was a trip to Cambodia.
I had already been to Indochina a few years before, (Vietnam) where the experience was very shocking.
But Cambodia was a much better experience.

In my work “Portraits from Cambodia” I tried to summarize the most exciting shots. Women, men, children, elderly people, all manage to capture your attention through their penetrating gazes and their smiling and friendly expressions. Contrary to what happens in the West, Cambodians are cooperative and very friendly

A very young people because in their sad past they suffered a genocide of over 2 million people killed by the Khmer Rouge. Despite the sufferings it seems clear to me the desire to establish relations of friendship and cordiality with the Western world.

Unlike Vietnam, I have never felt hostility around me and have always received cooperation from everyone. The French made big investments in Cambodia but I was amazed by an imposing pediatric hospital built by the French near Angkor Wat. My memories go back to 1999 and therefore Cambodia could have changed a lot since then, but if it has changed I’m sure it will have changed for the better.

I will always carry in my heart their smiling faces, their expressions, the purity and whiteness of the children’s faces.

Photos and text by Fabrizio Fiorenzano

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