Fabrizio Fiorenzano
Fabrizio Fiorenzano

Portraits from Nepal has been one of the most beautiful experiences ever lived in my life. Travelling around Nepal I have had the possibility to capture the best moments of my experiene in this wonderful and magic Country.

People is always very kind and very friendly with visitors and happy to interact with me. Despite widespread poverty and difficult living conditions, the Nepalese people never make you feel like an unwanted guest.

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For a photographer these about Nepalare important things and they help you to establish a relationship of mutual trust and above all of dialogue with the local population.

They are often very shy but at the same time jovial and protective of foreigners. They are not intrusive and never have bad intentions. My portraits from Nepal were also possible for this.

If you show that you have respect towards them, if you show that you are respectful towards their habits of life and towards their religion, if you show above all that you respect their land and that you behave as a guest and not as an “invader”, the Nepalese people will always be ready to reward you with their infinite kindness.


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