Fabrizio Fiorenzano
Fabrizio Fiorenzano

TREVI Umbria

Trevi in Umbria, Founded by the Romans, it was an important center along the Via Flaminia. At the fall of the Empire, Trevi (Umbria), which had already become Christian by its bishop Emiliano, was occupied by the Lombards and included in the Duchy of Spoleto.

During the Middle Ages it was subjected to Foligno and Spoleto. Political and military instability continued until the sixteenth century when, after various dominations (Trinci, Michelotti, Sforza) it became part of the Papal State under whose dominion, except for the Napoleonic interlude, it remained until 1860.

Surrounded by olive trees, Trevi preserves Roman remains, such as the mighty walls (1st century BC) that surround the town, and medieval ones such as Porta del Bruscito, Porta del Cieco, Porta San Fabiano and the Arch of Mostaccio. From the walls that enclose the historic center you look directly over the olive groves: the walk is a magnificent tree-lined avenue 800 meters long, flat, with a suggestive panoramic view of the valley below.

Among the most interesting religious buildings is the church of Sant’Emiliano (13th century), with inside the Altar of the Sacrament by Rocco da Vicenza (1522) and 16th century frescoes attributed to local workers.

Trevi municipality

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