Fabrizio Fiorenzano
Fabrizio Fiorenzano


FORZA D’AGRO’ It is clear to those who visit Forza d’Agrò for the first time that the love for a past full of glory, history, culture and tradition is holding back the trend towards frenetic innovation.
In this happy corner of land it finds its location, between the provinces of Messina and Catania, at 420 meters above the crystalline Ionian Sea.

This small town, no more than a thousand souls, in recent years has managed to adapt to various types of tourism; from the young man looking for fun, to the adult tired of worldly chaos. Both immerse themselves in the quiet and greenery of this town which, dominated by the castle, retains a clear medieval layout with its houses leaning against each other in narrow alleys.

Our tourist observes the ancient structures that do not exceed the two floors of elevation, keeping intact the connotations of time. You are amazed at the sight of the castle and its guardhouse from the fortified walls, admire in the heart of the town the fifteenth-century Cathedral of SS. Annunziata, mighty but harmonious, further down the beautiful church of the Triade with its scenographic Arco Durazzesco and the annexed Convent of the Augustinians. He takes a walk, and as he moves away from the inhabited center, he notices that the landscape becomes wooded, he sees that old farmhouses rise here and there, majestic shelters created by atmospheric agents such as the Rocche a Scala; going further on he realizes, walking through Santoleo, the seduction that the Forzese countryside spreads. Go back and descend down from Vignale, past the canal fountain, arrive in the Casale district. Remains enchanted by observing the signs of the past: the perimeter walls in stone and earth and the church of San Michele. From a distance he glimpses another village Scifì, a fraction of Forza d’Agrò, where you can breathe the same harmony and serenity.

Our tired and hungry tourist comes back, in love with our country, which with the sunset and the play of lights has become almost magical. Spoiled for choice, enter one of our restaurants to eat. He cannot help but notice that the local cuisine synthesizes, in a harmonious and original fusion, the best this lively and generous land can offer. To the highest national gastronomy, with equal dignity, he knows how to combine the traditional one that has its roots in the most authentic peasant culture based on the Mediterranean diet.
Each dish, from the simplest to the most elaborate, manifests creativity, imagination, joie de vivre; in a feast of colors and flavors to be admired and tasted. Sated and happy to have known this magnificent place, he decides to stay another day and falls asleep happily.

Words by: http://www.forzadagro.net/

Photos and text by Fabrizio Fiorenzano

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