Fabrizio Fiorenzano
Fabrizio Fiorenzano

Get ready for your next trip

get ready
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I think that travelling around the world is one of the most important experiences to spend in our short lives. It will help you to understand many unknown aspects connected to other cultures. Every new travel and every new contact with other people, will touch yourself in a special way.
But you shoud try to travel alone in order to have a great but full immersion experience and a most complete understanding of foreign culture.
Never forget to gather info about the country and people you will meet.

It is absolutely true that traveling alone can involve risks as you can encounter many more dangers; but it is not said that we must necessarily find ourselves in difficulty. Rather, it is frequent that we meet people who are intrigued by our presence and who wish to establish a good relationship of friendship with us. Of course, this is easier than in non-touristy countries and where it is possible to live your experience abroad as a moment of absolute pleasure

If you are going to a country that you consider to be at risk, I recommend that you obtain in advance all possible references to contact in case of need: telephone number and e-mail address of your embassy. Any references for the first medical intervention and local authorities.

These are just simple precautions that perhaps may never help, but it is always good to adopt.

Be careful!

Never underestimate the fact that in the places you go you don’t necessarily live like in the country you come from. Very often there are substantial differences that you didn’t think existed. For example, while in the West it is normal to pat a child on the head, in Thailand the same innocent gesture is seen as a gesture of bad omen for the child and for this you can find yourself in extremely unpleasant situations even if you have not done anything wrong.

The best travel information can always be found in the Lonely Planet books

Fabrizio Fiorenzano

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